Formel & CN Calendar 2015

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01 Vincenzo Conticelli – Osella PA30
02 Marjan Smrdelj – Lola F3000
03 Simone Faggioli – Norma M20FC Zytek
04 Simon Hugentobler – Reynard 93D
05 Patrik Zajelsnik – Norma M20 F V8 Mugen
06 David Hauser – Wolf GB08F1
07 Marietto Nalon – Leyton House F1
08 Trevor Willis – OMS 28-RPE
09 Otakar Kramsky – Reynard K14 F3000
10 Federico Liber – Osella FA30
11 Tiziano Riva – Reynard 92D-Cosworth
12 Fausto Bormolini – Reynard K02-Mugen

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